Last Chance Animal Rescue Spain
About us

About us

Last Chance Animal Rescue Spain

Last Chance Animal Rescue in Spain - Charity Nº 11207.

The Last Chance Animal Rescue charity has one aim - to help Animals In Need.

We get no government funding for our work and so rely entirely on charitable donations. Literally every single cent helps us to save lives. Every day brings new animals into the rescue, saved from the streets, from lives of neglect and abuse and abandonment.

We repair, rehabilitate and rehome all these poor souls, and for those who are unable to be homed we offer a lifetime with us as a sanctuary animal.

The Last Chance Animal Rescue team work tirelessly to home as many as possible.


We do not run our rescue on quantity above quality. We do not home to boost our figures or achieve adoption fees, we home when we have a perfect match for both adopter and adoptee. Too many times we see dogs bouncing around and ending up coming back to rescues because they are simply not working out. Some need to be worked with are in need of a more specific environment. This is to ensure their management and training requirements are achievable, and then in turn their confidence is free to grow.

If you are interested in re-homing any of the dogs or cats we have please contact us.

Please be aware that a small number of these dogs or cats may require a more adult home.

We work on giving them the tools to be able to manage in situations they find stressful and as much as most of the visual, expressive, behaviours can be worked through, the underlying emotion can often stay with the animal.

Then we have those with medical problems, ongoing expensive vets bills or cats especially with contagious viruses, these we also struggle to home, no one wants to adopt these animals. We have tried but we must home responsibly, and also accept the fact that is a huge ask of someone to adopt knowing they are facing huge ongoing vets bills... these animals usually stay in what we call forever fosters as Sanctuary animals under our umbrella for costs.



Last Chance Animal Rescue and Animals in Distress are now a single Animal Rescue Charity.We hope and pray that everyone will support us in this new venture, for the sake of the animals and the future of the wonderful positive things hopefully yet to come where both sets of supporters will come together to allow the A.I.D. legacy to carry on under the umbrella of Last Chance Animal Rescue. Continuing all the great established works such as the dog shelter in Pizarra as well as the furniture warehouse and auctions, along with a team of volunteers from both rescues. Its a New Year.. A new look and a new positive approach to helping more and more abandoned and abused animals. We cannot afford to lose any support, so please, if you can, continue to support us.. we have so much more great work to do...Teamwork makes the Dream work xxx


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